Ballroom and Swing Dancing

For many years, ballroom and swing dancing were at the top of the dancing game but around the mid-‘80s and ‘90s they began to slow down as modern dancing came into force. However, in the last few years, ballroom dancing has been rejuvenated and it seems everyone is interested in learning to dance once more. Ballroom and swing remain two of the more popular options and it’s really all down to how interesting their history is. Ballroom especially used to be very tame and almost boring in comparison to today’s dancing; however, it’s really given needed a makeover and is now quite trendy. Swing, however, takes dancers back to the good old days where it was truly appreciated by those with excellent taste.To learn more about swing dance read here

What Is Ballroom Dancing?

Couples take to the dance floor to practice the more traditional ballroom dancing. Foxtrot, waltz, the quickstep, the tango, rumba, and the samba are amongst the more traditional and popular ballroom dances. The quickstep and foxtrot are delicate dances to get right and they are quite elegant as well. These were usually the more traditional ballroom dances that dancers chose but, today, they are so modern and that is the key to ensuring ballroom is vastly popular. Swing is also very popular but this isn’t trying to change, it’s sticking to its modern roots and that makes it a real gem. Remember, swing is a form of ballroom dancing but quite different in every sense of the word.

Ballroom and Swing Dancing

Is Ballroom Dance For You?

Despite what you might think, ballroom isn’t just for older or more mature dancers, it’s fast becoming more popular than ever before, especially amongst younger dancers. Ballroom is quite interesting because it’s becoming more modern and even though you are still performing the classical dances you are putting your own modern twist to them. That is the biggest reason why ballroom is really quite popular. So, is it for you? Well, it can be and learning can be far easier as well. Swing and ballroom can be both very exciting and not too difficult either. Yes, perfecting each move or step takes time but with real practice, it’s possible. What is more, you can enjoy taking on the cha-cha, American smooth, the bolero, the mambo, and even the tango and waltz. Everything can have a modern take.

Embrace Swing Dancing

Swing is really something exciting and such fun. This was really the big dance craze of the ‘20s and ‘30s and was simply adored. Swing usually was accompanied by jazz so anytime you take on swing, you will hear a bit of jazz behind you. The popular swing dancers were the Jitterbug and the Lindy Hop. Even today, these are still the classics that young dancers take on. This is truly a wonderful form of ballroom and is still used throughout the modern ballroom dance world. People also love to dress in the old-style clothing and take to the dance floor.

Learning Is Easy – Love Dance

If you love the sound of learning ballroom or swing it’s really not too difficult. You can find local lessons or groups to join in with and let’s be honest there is a huge demand so you shouldn’t have too much trouble. It’s easy to learn with a partner and if you wanted to, you could take part in a number of competitions. Beginning with little or no knowledge is fine and you can enjoy learning and taking part in dances too.