Dancing Moves to Learn

Learning to dance doesn’t have to be as complex or, indeed, as difficult as it appears. You can watch the endless array of dancing shows on TV and see how the professionals move and think “that’s never going to be me” but anyone can dance. Remember, everyone starts off where you are—at the bottom with very limited moves! That doesn’t mean to say you can’t improve or even lean from scratch. There are plenty of simple dancing moves to learn and if you put your mind to it, you can become an accomplished and very impressive dancer.

Basics Come First

Quick, quick, slow. This is the very basic dancing move every dancer learns. The reason why most start here is simply because it’s an easy move to grasp and even if you aren’t planning on ballroom dancing, it’s the easiest dance move to learn! If you can master this, you can master more complex moves and routines; there is nothing to it. You stand with a partner and take two steps (quickly) to the left and one step back. That’s all you have to do and the quick, quick, slow routine as the basics. You can even do this by yourself if you don’t want to partner with anyone and it’s not really too hard.

Dancing Moves to Learn

Bouncing To the Beat of the Music

You absolutely cannot get this wrong! Bouncing to the beat is really simple, more so than the quick, quick, slow routine! Once you master this, you can easily add to it and you have a whole new set of dance moves. So, you basically start off by bending or bouncing your legs in the rhythm of the beat of the music playing. You’re not dipping low to the ground, just basic and minor moves with the knees so that you start swaying almost. Remember to relax and add some basic arm movements. You can click your fingers or clap your hands and then go into the two-step which is when you take a step off to your right (or left) and clap to the rhythm of the beat. This is very simple to do and good for most club scenes no matter what music is playing.

The Low Body-Shaking or Popping Pose

This dance move involves you squatting almost and moving your bottom back and forth. You probably have seen this in a lot of hip-hop videos and it’s really a simple dance move to grasp. It’s easy to do and it’s a popular move in dance clubs and raves. OK, so you might think you’re going to look stupid but it’s very simple and trendy too. You can shake your body or pop as some might say and really put your all into it. The key, however, is keeping a low-center of gravity. If you do this, you can co-ordinate your arms in sync with your body popping and hopefully keep your balance just right.

Learn As You Dance

Sometimes, you are best learning when you’re out at clubs because you can watch other people and see how they dance and shake to the beat! You can look at the professionals and see how they move and try to do the same. Picking up a few dance moves can be far simpler and remember you learn as you dance. Sometimes, you do totally new moves while out on the floor so, while you can master a few dance moves at home, some will just happen when you’re dancing. Learn to love dancing first and you’ll improve as you dance more.

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